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Job Shadow Opportunties

Job Shadow/Internship Opportunities

Class of 2023, it's that time, you are about to become a SENIOR!!!  As a graduation requirement, all non-MCTI students must complete their Graduation Project.  One component of the graduation project entails a job shadow/internship.  You must do at least 8 hours of this job shadow  by August 18, 2022.  A total of 30 hours are required for this project.  See the breakdown explanation below.

  • A total of 30 hours combined of community service and job shadow/intership must be completed by all non-MCTI students prior to the start of their senior school year.  
    • Seniors not enrolled in PVHS by the start of their senior year will meet with administration about clarification of this project completion.
  • The total of 30 hours MUST include 8 hours of community service, and 8 hours of the job shadow/internship.  The remaining hours (14), may consist of the student's choice, but must meet the required 30 hours requirement.
  • When completing your job shadow/internship, you cannot be paid for the hours that you complete for this project.  
  • You cannot job shadow/intern for an immediate family member.

Listing of Job Shadow/Internship Opportunities

  • Eldred Township is looking for a non-MCTI class of 2023 student to work in their office creating a database.  The first week that the student works will be without compensation, and it will count as their hours for the graduation project, but after that time, the student will then be paid minimum wage by the township to work in the office 2 four hour shifts each week during the summer.  This is a great opportunity for a student who has strong computer skills to gain experience with database creation and office work.  Please contact Ann Velopoleck at 610-381-4252 to set-up this opportunity.  
  • Do you want to job shadow for St. Luke's Health Network?  If so, contact Linda Corbo at [email protected] or call her at 272-212-0435 .  Linda can help you obtain a job shadow/internship at her facility next to Wawa or possibly other local facilities.  
  • Are you interested in learning about the careers that Lehigh Valley Health Network has to offer?  If so, contact Jason Knight, Operations Supervisor of the West Division at his office phone - (272)-762-6400 press option 1 or his cell at 484-634-0706.  You can also try Email at [email protected]