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Xello - Final Transcript Request Step by Step Instructions

Xello - Final Transcript Request (Step by Step Instructions)

How Students Request Final Transcripts:

  1. From their Student Dashboard, under GOALS & PLANS, students click COLLEGE PLANNING and then COLLEGE APPLICATIONS, View My Applications.
  2. From their list of institutions, they select the one to which they'd like their Final Transcript sent.
  4. To the right, they click on the OPTION box and select REQUEST NEW TRANSCRIPT.
  5. A banner at the top of the screen will indicate the request was sent.

If you are having trouble sending a transcript, please see below:

Students need to click on the college name under their College Applications tab to open the Application Checklist:

Occasionally, we see some students are not actually clicking into the specific application to open this checklist.  Please ask students to click on the name of the school (the blue link) to open the checklist and request a transcript.

When students click into their college application, "Transcript" is the first option that they should see under their Application Checklist.

Students who have already requested a Transcript:

If a student has requested a transcript already, such as a mid-year Transcript, they will see "Transcript" on their Application Checklist, however the "Request" button on the right of their screen will be missing.  In this instance, have students click on "Options" to the right of their screen, this will open a drop down menu.

From here students will see "Request new Transcript"

If the "Request new Transcript" option is greyed out (such as it is in my screenshot), this means that their initial request has not been actioned yet.  (I don't see this being an issue for you currently as there are no active requests at your school)

The College does not require a Transcript

Some colleges may not require a Transcript, in which case this feature will not be visible to students.  If a student needs a Transcript but does not see this option from the Application Checklist page, have them follow these steps:

  1. From your student dashboard select College Planning
  2. Click on the name of the college you are requesting a transcript for
  3. To the very right of "Application Checklist" click on the small + button to Add a Task
  4. From this dropdown list, select "Transcript" and "Add Task"
  5. A Transcript option will now appear on your Application Checklist, click on "Request" to complete this task

Please note, if the task you are requesting is greyed out on the Add Task drop down menu, this means that the task/request option is already available under your Application Checklist.